Who to Call When You Have Car Trouble

Today I’m going to do something different and review a service I had to use yesterday. I was driving along on 95 and all the sudden my car starts making a grinding noise. I pull over to see what’s wrong with the car and I look under the hood and can’t see anything wrong. I didn’t see anything up against the fan or belts or anything to indicate they were rubbing on anything. If there was something really obvious I could probably tell but I am not really a mechanic I just have a little working knowledge and some common sense. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I got out my cell phone and did a quick search for towing companies around Jacksonville and found one that looked good. It said they have towing, tire changes, fuel delivery if you ran out of fuel. They will unlock your car if you get locked out. I called them up and told them my situation and they said they would be right there. I expected to wait about 20 minutes or so and went on to call my spouse. They got there in about 5 minutes! I hadn’t even told my wife the whole story yet. This tow truck service was awesome and they were the nicest people you could meet that is why I am writing this review for them today. If you need a tow truck you have to call these guys. The name of the company is A-able Wrecker and you need to check them out.

One of the other things you can do is new carpet

Carpet is a polarizing floor covering.

You either love it or you don’t or in my case you love it in certain rooms and not in others. Recently in the last few years I long for the days where almost the whole house was done in carpeting. I’m tired of the loud hollow sounding floating manufactured fake Formica floors. And it’s not just me, floor styles come in waves like cars. Remember when everyone was buying square looking cars and now it’s back to the rounded edge cars again? Well floors are the same way, in the 50’s and 60’s people had wooden floors and some of them were beautiful hardwood. Then when the 70’s came around everyone covered up those beautiful floors with carpet. With that came the long shag carpet and everyone thought it was so cool. Well it was for a while, and I am to the point where I want to go back to the quiet rooms with the nice fuzzy stuff under my feet so I can walk around with no shoes on. Our house has ceramic tile and if your bare footed your feet get cold after a while. That’s it, I have decided the next time I get new floors in the living room and hallway it’s going to be carpet.

Here Are Some Home Improvement Tips to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Home improvements aren’t as problematic as you may think.

You will surprise yourself by handling a home improvement project that you didn’t think you could do. Look over these tips to discover the help that you need to make the concepts for your home improvement project a reality.

If you don’t enjoy the appearance of your flooring, you may want to put in carpeting. It gives a living space a comfy feeling and is much better for your body joints. Just remember to remove it when you decide to move, since no one wants a residence with used carpeting.

If you are concerned about bringing value to your house, do not put in a swimming pool during your next home improvement project. In some areas it makes it harder to sell and could actually reduce the value of the home. Keeping a pool clean and maintain takes up a lot of time and cleaning a pool isn’t an easy job. Your energy could be better spent on a garden project that will give you a good return on your invested time and money.

Whenever you have an issue in your home that needs fixing, check out YouTube. There are numerous videos on YouTube that shows how to fix issues at home. This is a good way to keep money in your pocket.

When making improvements to the outside of your home, don’t forget the front door. An unappealing front door makes your home look unattractive.  To put in a new front door, you should be spending no more than $200. The enhancement you will see in the look of your home is worth more than the cost.

A home improvement project doesn’t have to be time-consuming and complex. As a matter of fact, fast and simple home improvements enhance things dramatically. These easy home improvement jobs will make remodeling your residential property simple and satisfying. Isn’t it time that you brought new life to your living space.