One of the other things you can do is new carpet

Carpet is a polarizing floor covering.

You either love it or you don’t or in my case you love it in certain rooms and not in others. Recently in the last few years I long for the days where almost the whole house was done in carpeting. I’m tired of the loud hollow sounding floating manufactured fake Formica floors. And it’s not just me, floor styles come in waves like cars. Remember when everyone was buying square looking cars and now it’s back to the rounded edge cars again? Well floors are the same way, in the 50’s and 60’s people had wooden floors and some of them were beautiful hardwood. Then when the 70’s came around everyone covered up those beautiful floors with carpet. With that came the long shag carpet and everyone thought it was so cool. Well it was for a while, and I am to the point where I want to go back to the quiet rooms with the nice fuzzy stuff under my feet so I can walk around with no shoes on. Our house has ceramic tile and if your bare footed your feet get cold after a while. That’s it, I have decided the next time I get new floors in the living room and hallway it’s going to be carpet.

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